Aliexpress escrow service

I came across few blogs where I found  that peoples were complaining about Aliexpress Scams. But Aliexpress has awesome feature like escrow to protect both buyer and seller. What is Escrow? The Escrow service on AliExpress is powered by, a leading third-party online payment platform from the Alibaba Group. Escrow allows you to pay … Continue reading Aliexpress escrow service


Aliexpress scam! is aliexpress safe?

When I came across the so called “AliExpress scam” complaint in one forum and question was is Aliexpress safe for shopping?, I couldn’t help laughing. The angry buyer claimed that AliExpress sent him a wrong item he never ordered. Based on my knowledge about AliExpress, it is no way possible as AliExpress is only a … Continue reading Aliexpress scam! is aliexpress safe?